Columbia County deputy surprises 3-year-old with autism with a fleet of police cars

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COLUMBIA COUNTY, Ga. (WRDW/WAGT) -- It's a friendship like no other.

3-year old Fox was jumping with excitement when his best friend, Deputy Cruz, pulled up this morning, surprising him with a fleet of police cars.

"I have no words," Columbia County Deputy Marta Cruz said. "It makes it totally worth it."

But to fully understand their bond, you have to go back to the day Deputy Cruz noticed a little boy running after her car.

"His whole face... it was like, wow," Deputy Cruz said. "He was beyond excited. I can't describe it."

Fox has autism so the lights and sounds draw him in, but his love for law enforcement goes beyond that.

The two became inseparable when Deputy Cruz surprised him with a paw patrol toy for his 3rd birthday. It's a toy he even falls asleep with.

"He loves the little car that she got him," Monique Smith, Fox's mom said. "He'll ask for his 'wee-oo wee-oo' and he even takes it to therapy with him so it goes everywhere."

His reaction was no surprise when the pair reunited today. It's a bond so strong, he literally wouldn't let the deputies leave.

"That's what we want," Deputy Cruz said. "Stuff like this, they just want to say hi. I'm happy that I was that happiness for him."


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