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Look !! Autism Will Soon Be Able To Be Detected In Toddlers Using A Smartphone

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Identifying autism in toddlers is critical to beginning interventions early, and is associated with improved outcomes later in life. Soon, pediatricians and other health care providers will be able to install an app on their smartphone or tablet that is capable of analyzing the visual gaze of a toddler in order to determine if they may be on the autism spectrum. Eventually, parents and others will be able to downloa


d it onto their own mobile devices and do the screening themselves. This new research out of Duke University has the potential to expand the reach of early screening, and therefore get possibly affected children in for detailed clinical evaluations faster.

Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is a set neurodevelopment conditions characterized by a broad range of challenges associated with social and communication skills, varying degrees of repetitive and stereotyped behaviors, and different types of sensitivities to the environment. Autism is common. As of 2016, it is estimated that about 1 in 54 children were affected.

In a laboratory setting, autism can be detected in children as young as six months by observing visual responses to social cues. It turns out that how young children visually engage with others in social settings affects how brain circuits responsible for social interactions develop. When these circuits don’t develop as they should, it can lead to increased challenges for successful social engagement and communication later on. By identifying potential autism early, interventions aimed at facilitating social interactions can begin to mitigate the effects of reduced social attention and the consequences it has on the development of the child.

I think my child has autism what do i do 

If you're worried your child is autistic, start by seeing a professional, then get early intervention, get an assessment, build support,and gather information. The sooner your child gets early intervention, the better. Looking after yourself will help you navigate the challenges of life with an autistic child.


how can you treat autism

What are the treatments for autism?
Behavioral management therapy.
Cognitive behavior therapy.
Early intervention.
Educational and school-based therapies.


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