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1. Fast temperature measurement: measurement time <1 second.

2. Dual-mode temperature measurement: It can measure human body temperature / material temperature / water temperature / room temperature.

3. Temperature alarm: Users can freely set the alarm temperature according to their own conditions.

4. Unit conversion: Celsius and Fahrenheit can be converted between different countries and regions

. 5. Storage data: Store 32 sets of measurement data, which is convenient for individual and multi-person analysis and comparison.

6. Large screen display: Large screen LCD display, white backlight, can be clearly displayed in any light.

7. Easy to use and power saving: One-button measurement, simple and convenient operation; automatic power saving shutdown, no operation required within 15 seconds

. 8. Super long life: Install 2 AA batteries, can be used more than 100,000 times, and the product is placed> 3 million times.

9. Large screen display: Large screen LCD display with white backlight can clearly display the measured value in any light.

Setting 10. Modification: The setting parameters can be modified to adapt to medical temperature measurement systems in different countries (for different skin colors). 11

.Infrared measurement: It only measures the infrared radiation signal emitted by the human body without touching the human skin, which is harmless to the human body.


Fast temperature measurement, large screen, alarm, long life.

Home temperature measuring tools


Product size: 150 * 95 * 44 mm (length, width and height)

Color box size: 105 * 60 * 171 mm

Machine weight: 150 grams (including packaging)

Bare metal weight: 110 grams

Measurement range: body temperature mode 32 ā„ƒ-42.9 ā„ƒ

Surface mode 0 ā„ƒ -100 ā„ƒ

Accuracy: outside the 35 Ā° C-42 range of 35 Ā° C-42 Ā° C Ā± 0.3 Ā° C, the temperature measurement deviation within the range of Ā± 0.2 Ā° C ā‰¤ Ā± 0.3 Ā°. (Using imported infrared detection system)

Package Included:

1 Ɨ forehead thermometer

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