Full Face COVID19 Mask With Glasses Safety Spray

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product information:
1. Full facemask respirator is ideal for both dust and gas prevention.
2. Can be applied to respirator protection in spraying, chemistry, poisonal gas, etc,.
3. Skilled in gas defense with automatically filtering.
4. Safe and comfortable in use with good sealing performance as well as effectiveness in antitoxin.
5. Acitivated carbon can protect yourself against industrial dust, formaldehyde, carbon dioxide, etc,.
6. You may wear safety goggles in accordance with environmental and personal needs.
Activated carbon Filter box:
Used to protect certain organic gases or vapors, such as: benzene, aniline, gasoline, acetone, carbon disulfide, ether, carbon tetrachloride, nitrobenzene, chloropicrin, etc.
Product packaging:
1xFull Face Mask (With Cartridge filters
2xCartridge filters
1xFull Face Mask (With Cartridge filters
2xCartridge filters
1. Do not use this set in the following situations:
1) The environment where the oxygen concentration is lower than 19.5%;
2) Environments with unknown nature of harmful environment.
2. When you feel a significant increase in breathing resistance or uncomfortable symptoms such as peculiar smell, cough, irritation, nausea, etc. during use, you should leave the harmful environment immediately, and check the suit, confirm and eliminate the fault before re-wearing and entering the harmful environment; No fault exists, effective filter element should be replaced:
1) There are vents on the upper and lower sides of the goggles frame. Good air permeability should be ensured to reduce moisture in the goggles and make wearing more comfortable.
2PCS = 1 Pair