Oxygen Barrier Face Mask 2020 - Covid 19

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Oxygen Sports Mask Fitness Running Plateau Altitude Riding Training Mask


1. Cut your exercise time in half: Training masks make exercise more effective by simulating high altitude. Allows you to breathe deeply, making the diaphragm and respiratory system strong and powerful.

2. Stimulate the champion's potential: effective breathing, unmatched durability. Less fatigue, strengthen the body, get more energy after training.

3. Significant effect: The exercise mask adopts anatomical design and cutting-edge technology, suitable for any exercise-cardio, fitness, running.



Keep your breathing level under control and change the intensity of airflow during exercise. No need to remove the mask!



Material: ABS, silicone, polyester

Color: Black

Applicable people: man

Applicable activities: outdoor running, endurance training, gym


Package Included:

1 * mask